I’m doing a little series of videos (produced by one of the most talented professional communicators out there, the lovely Anita Boeira). I’ll be answering questions about writing, reading, and probably The Jersey Shore. What do you want to know?¬†What should I talk about? Submit your questions here, and I’ll make sure to adress them!

Videos will be posted here and on my Facebook page throughout the summer.

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3 Responses to Videos

  1. Lyndie Strawbridge says:

    >Okie dokie, here's a question: Is there a genre of writing that you enjoy reading, but feel you could never successfully write? What is it and why do you feel that way?

  2. Anonymous says:

    >Thank you, Lyndie, author of Torched. I need to link to you here. I'm going to do that right now.


  3. LindsayWrites says:

    >christine! How can i get a review copy of Predicteds for my YA blog?? I have over 1000 followers, and would LOVE to review it before it comes out! I just recently found out about it. AMAZING cover! you can contact me at

    lindsaycummings20 at yahoo dot com

    if you would like! =]