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HBO’s Girls

I’m an avid watcher of the show Girls, and I occasionally read Slate’s commentary on the show. I know some people hate the show, and I agree that the second season was uneven. In fact, there were times that it didn’t … Continue reading

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The Countdown

I’m one chapter away from finishing my latest revision of my latest novel, a Stepford Wives meets Mad Men meets Canby Hall meets The Handmaid’s Tale mash-up. For those of you who are counting, this is my eight millionth draft.

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I’m Back!

I took a little blogging break, but I’m back! (I know, I know–you haven’t been holding your breath). My favorite end-of-year activity is perusing all the best of lists, making notes of all the movies and books I need to … Continue reading

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World’s Worst Blogger

I nominate myself for that title.

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YA Literature in the Classroom

So I’m just a few weeks out from the end of spring semester, and my YA lit class is closing in on our eleventh novel for the semester. If I had to vote–and I don’t know why I would–I would … Continue reading

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How Do You Make a Day Longer?

I’m trying to finish a draft of my second novel. Between that and my real job, I’m having trouble keeping my head above water. What’s the best way to make a day longer? I can’t cut back on my sleep … Continue reading

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Adolescent Literature

I’m teaching a class in YA literature next semester. I’m trying to decide which books to include on the syllabus. I want a couple “classics,” but I want the bulk of the reading list ot be contemporary. In particular, I … Continue reading

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Guest Post at The Bookish Type

Thanks to Casey for letting me post about books on her very cool blog! My Favorite Dystopian Novels I’m glad to see the resurgence of dystopian novels lately.  Who wants to read those pie-in-the-sky utopian novels, right? It’s much more … Continue reading

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Guest Blog Posts: From Watch YA Reading

I’ve just completed a really fun thirty-day blog tour. Just for kicks, I’m going to re-post those blog posts here, and I’ll include a link to the blog host. The first blog post was at Watch YA Reading, a great … Continue reading

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It’s That Time Again…

I’m pretty excited for the first day of school. It’s my favorite day of the whole year. I’m happily sharpening pencils and buying new notebooks. In anticipation for all the school reading that will occupy me come fall, I need to relax … Continue reading

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