How Do You Make a Day Longer?

I’m trying to finish a draft of my second novel. Between that and my real job, I’m having trouble keeping my head above water. What’s the best way to make a day longer? I can’t cut back on my sleep or I get wonky. So what’s the most nonessential thing you can cut out of a day? Hmmmm.

I’m pretty tied to things like brushing my teeth and reading before I fall asleep. I already skimp on exercise more often than I should. And, as you can tell, I let blogging and other online social interactions fall by the wayside. Plus, I really hate to get rid of things like hanging out with my husband or having Wednesday lunches with my colleagues. I’m thinking there’s only one way to make my day longer without giving up things I love: I have to cut my day job back to 40 hours a week…and stick to that. Short of buying myself a punch clock on ebay (and I’m considering it), how do I make sure that I only work 40 hours a week and write for 20. There must be some magic method that I just haven’t figured out yet.

I need to hire one of those closet organizers to organize my life…

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2 Responses to How Do You Make a Day Longer?

  1. Candie C. says:

    I would like to make my day a little longer also. Do you think my “extra time” could be used to do things I WANT to do, rather than things I HAVE to do? Oh, and if it could be void of children, that would be great too.

  2. admin says:

    Haha, Candie. I imagine kids make days lots shorter. Maybe you can train them to sleep sixteen hours a day? If I put a blanket over Robert’s head, he thinks it’s night. Would that work on your kids?