Spring Semester 2011–> Done

The Good: Final exams and papers are all graded!
The Bad: I feel brain dead.
The Good: Spring term is officially over.
The Bad: Summer term started yesterday.
The Good: I have some time to recover before my summer class begins.
The Bad: I have neglected my own writing this semester.
The Good: I am going undercover to write until somone comes looking for me.

See y’all then!

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One Response to Spring Semester 2011–> Done

  1. Jenn (Books At Midnight) says:

    >Hi Christine!

    My name is Jenn and I blog over at Books At Midnight. Anyways, I'm organizing a theme week event (though whether it'll truly be themed week-by-week is yet to be determined… it might end up just being a summer/early fall author event) from late-June to late-July and would be honored if you'd consider participating. Ideally, it'll be an author feature and a giveaway per day, but just let me know what's possible if you're interested. Hope to hear back from you soon! :)

    email: booksatmidnight@gmail.com